South Cumbria Beekeeping Supplies..

Bee equipment from Thorne’s is kept in stock and we are happy to take orders via email and telephone. We can make up frames for you and advise about making up flat pack hives if you need help with that. We keep honey jars and lids in stock as well. Although we stock Thorne’s wooden bee hives, for our beekeeping we are slowly changing over to polystyrene hives, if you want to look at the ones we have in the teaching apiary we are happy to show them to you. We stock Modern Beekeeping (Paradise Honey Bee Box) Hives and Thorne polystyrene nucleus boxes.

With the emphasis on using disposable gloves for beekeeping we stock Ultratuff long cuff milking gloves; we find they are much stronger and more durable than standard nitrile gloves. You can either keep a pair under each bee hive roof for use just with that colony or if you dispose of them after every colony inspection they make useful gardening gloves! If you prefer them we keep Lakeland Dermalux Gloves in stock. We are perfectly happy to split packs of items if you do not want large quantities – 11 or 12 sheets of foundation for a brood box instead of having to buy 20 is fine or half a dozen honey jars instead of 144. 

 We charge for items at the Thorne Catalogue price and the Modern Beekeeping price for poly hives, you save on postage. Ultratuff gloves are the standard retail price of £9.60 for a box of 50. You can visit us to collect items or we can leave them at the Wheatsheaf Inn in Brigsteer by arrangement so you can collect from there between 10am and 10pm 7 days a week. Martin works in Kendal so you can also collect items from him there during the working week.