Dear Members,

You may have noticed that the K&SWBKA part of your subscription has risen by £1 from £5 to £6 which is what it was until a few years ago, when it was decided at the 2014 AGM to reduce the Kendal Beekeepers part of our subscriptions to £5 and see how we fared. The committee took the decision to raise it again for 2017 because all BBKA member associations were requested to support the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers 2017, which is being held in the UK, by £1 a member; which was duly paid this last autumn. This added expense and the fees incurred in setting up our new website, have meant that our expenses for 2016 have been greater than usual.

Just a few notes to refresh members’ memories as to what BDI covers and how to calculate your premium which must be paid by all registered beekeeping members; from this year, partner members do not pay a subscription to BDI.